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Based on the paradigm described by Samuel Hahnemann similia similibus curantur, practitioners will listen carefully to your health concerns and discuss various ways of supporting your recovery with you.

At Heathmont homeopathy we tailor our treament's choices to suit your needs. Symptoms that arise through illness are the individuals own body language of a dis-ease state. Your practitioner will listen to your concerns and how this is expressed by your body, and will individualise your treatment using these treatment methods.

Homeopathy does not work by treating named conditions; that is the domain of other types of  medicine. Homeopathy utilises natural remedies in potentised doses to encourage your own innate healing response - supporting your overall wellbeing.

Only a registered professional  Homeopath is trained to can provide this highly specialised and skills needed for your individual treatment plan. domestic use of homeopathy can give excellent results, especially in acute conditions but chronic or acute expressions of a chronic illness are best left to those with extensive training in this field.




Fees are individually set by practitioners and are reviewed annually.
Currently Private Health rebates no longer apply may apply but this decision is under  government review
Due increasing cost of raw products and no fee increase for five year we are about to have a fee increase.

Initial-$135 (includes medicines)
Return $90 (includes medicines)
individual remedy 2 dram vial $17
heavy metal and mineral Scan $200 (including consultation and homeopathic chelates treatment).
Individual drops- according to formula
Homeopathy may be tailored to function alongside other medical treatments. Please ensure your treating practitioner is aware of other medical care you are receiving and medication you are prescribed to take.
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