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Products And Services

Heathmont Homeopathy can provide short courses in your local area through willing 'neighbourhood' houses or other facilities able to provide the space and amenities for us to teach at.


If you would like Nadine or Anne to come to your local area to discuss Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Herbal Medicine and you have a suitable venue then let us know.

Short Courses

There are a number of short courses for members of the public as well as professional homeopaths.
These courses are held  at a suitable venues by our experienced practitioners.


  • Home Medicine Course for use by parents and grandparents or other suitable adults to treat and manage simple acute situations around the home.



Other areas of interest we speak on are:

  • Setting Up A Practice (For Practitioners)

  • Homeopathy In The Home

  • Homeopathy As A Career

  • Homeopathy for Child birth

  • Homeopathy for your Toddler

  • Evidence-based Homeopathic Medicine

  • Homeopathy for the Elderly

  • Drainage Remedies in Homeopathic Practice

  • Vitalism in Homeopathy

  • Evidence-based Homeopathic Practice 

  • Homeopathic Research

Products and Services


Homeopathic medicine prescribed at the time of consultation is either included or charged at a very small rate according to your practitioners fee schedule
We have a small but increasing range of products available.

  • Martin and Pleasance first aid kit (large) 

  • Martin and Pleasance first aid kit (large) children's 

  • Martin and Pleasance first aid kit (small) 

  • Bach flower kits complete $724.65

  • Individually prepared travel kits -  POA

  • Individually prepared birthing kits - POA

  • Individually prepared home medicine kits - POA




  • Supervision and Mentoring

  • Tutoring in Homeopathy

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