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A holistic way to improving your health.

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Welcome to Heathmont Homeopathy


Heathmont Homeopathy

76 Great Ryrie St.
Heathmont, 3135, Vic

Our Services

    • Homeopathy
      • Traditional Homeopathy based on your individual symptoms
      • Heavy metal chelation
    • Naturopathy
      • Nutritional advice
      • Cell salts 
      • Supplements
    • Herbal medicine
    • Bach Flower Remedies
    • Scanning for mineral and heavy metal testing
    • Tutoring and supervision
    • Books and kits

Anne is interested in:

  • Chronic diseases

  • Mysterious diseases

  • Nutritional support in cancer treatment

Consultations can now be by attending clinic or by telemedicine.
Consultation appointments
can be made online, as usual or by phone or email. 

What do homeopaths treat?  We are not allowed to make any claims but why don't you put your health concern into a search engine + homeopathy and see for yourself!

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